Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting Near to Baby Journal - 2/29/08

"Finding My Inner Meanie", by cast member Meg Rose, who plays Cynthia Wainwright in the production.

In Getting Near to Baby, the character of Cynthia is a cookie snatching, goodie-two shoes, know-it-all bully who no one likes. Everyone has a Cynthia in their life. In fact, let's admit, everyone has a Cynthia lurking inside. The initial joy I felt when I was cast soon turned to panic when I realized that audiences might hate me. But then I started to think about why she behaves the way she does and I started to feel sorry for her. I started to understand her meanness and hoped the audience would understand her too, so I didn't come off mean. Then I was told that onstage if you play your character as mean as you can you're doing a great job and if people tell you that you were really mean it's a compliment. I realized that Cynthia needs to be in the play, without her, there wouldn't be the "villain." But I hope I wouldn't be mean like Cynthia in real life. That would be rude and "without charm." Besides, my mother would kill me. Onstage it's different. You get to be bad without getting in trouble. But it's not as easy as you may think-- it's a challenge to let my inner meanie be seen in front of people. I don't want to be interpreted as mean, but it took a little while for the thought to sink in, the thought that the audience doesn't see me as mean, but they see Cynthia as mean. Honestly before it feels fun it feels hard. I have to focus on what Cynthia wants and not let any thoughts about what people think get in my way. Then it's pure pleasure.

As an added bonus for you guys, here are some pictures from the rehearsal:

Cast members Nathaniel Brastow, Katie Johantgen, Susan McKey and Meg Rose.

Maggie Fitzgerald and Nathaniel Brastow.

The very crowded rehearsal room!