Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Interview with the cast members of ABSENCE

We asked Greg Wood and Judith Lightfoot Clarke, Peter and Mary from Absence, to tell us about their characters and describe some of the elements of the play. It was a fun interview to do!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Scoop!

Peter DeLaurier (who played the The Patriarch in Nathan the Wise) just sent us this photo from The Scoop, our pre-show discussion which he led before each performance of Nathan. We had to share!

The Scoop has been very interesting so far, so the next time you come to a show, arrive an hour before performance time and get some insight into the show!

In & Out: Production Photos!

Recently, one of our production team members (the very talented Michael Hahn, Sound Operator) handed us a disc full of photos he had taken of various sets being made. These photos go back to when he started at People's Light, and include shows like Cinderella, End Days, A Tale of Two Cities and The Persians. You can see the works-in-progress and get a feel for how much work is involved!

And if you're curious about the members our shop team, see below!

Will Scribner, Scenic Painter

Bridget Brennan, Wardrobe Supervisor

Jefferson Haynes, Scenic Carpenter
(You may remember him as Hackin' Devil Dan from
Treasure Island!)

Greg Miller, Master Electrician

Dylan Jamison, Scene Shop Foreman

Kate Nelson, Stage Management Associate, and Michael Hahn, Sound Operator (and provider of all these wonderful photos!)