Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting Near to Baby Journal - 3/10/08

Making It Work

The talented young actors in Getting Near to Baby balance quite a bit between school, rehearsals, and other activities. Here they let us in on how they make it all work.

Meg Rose (Cynthia Wainwright): Management of school, rehearsal, and the rest of my life has been surprisingly easy on some days and impossibly difficult others. One of the many things I have learned is to manage my time. Doing everything ahead of when it is due is the key to my easy nights. By everything, I mean memorizing lines and homework. I am in the 8th grade at Westtown School and everyone’s support is what helps me get through the two plus hours of homework after a five hour rehearsal.

Claire Inie-Richards (Willa Jo): I am home schooled, actually it is called cyber school. I do my schoolwork on a computer at home so it doesn’t really get in the way….thankfully!

Katie Johantgen (Liz Fingers): It’s tough! The most important thing is making sure I’m communicating with all of my teachers so they know my schedule and can work with me to keep me up to date with my homework. I also have to do my best to go to bed early so I get enough sleep, but that’s hard too. I would say it stinks being so busy, but I’m doing what I love to do so it’s fun.

Nathaniel Brastow (Isaac Fingers): I have to be very organized and I need to do things when I have time to do them. I have to think ahead.

Maggie Fitzgerald (Little Sister): It is certainly a challenge to balance school and rehearsal. I usually get all of my homework on Monday (our day off) and do it on Monday nights and on breaks during rehearsal. All of my teachers are very supportive of my career and help me keep up.