Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chris Triebel on "The Elements of a Play", a class by Lou Lippa

Playwright in Residence, Lou Lippa, has been teaching a class here at People’s Light this summer called The Elements of a Play. Below is a response from one of the students, Chris Triebel:

This class has been a monumental help to me not just as a writer or an actor, but as an artist in general. The way he is able to dissect a play down to its basic format and illustrate it is incredible. I took this class originally to help me with some problems I was having as a writer. After the first class, I knew I was going to get a lot more than I thought. Some of the things we discussed were things I knew but were put in a way I had never thought before, some were brand new ideas, but all of it was useful. I definitely feel stronger as a writer and an actor after having taken this class.