Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting Near to Baby Journal - 4/18/08

Opening Night with the cast of GETTING NEAR TO BABY

We were backstage with the young cast members of Getting Near to Baby on opening night. Here they share how they managed the nerves, jitters, and excitement:

Katie Johantgen (Liz Fingers): Opening night was glorious! My mom, dad, little sister, and her friend were there. The house was packed and really friendly so it made it a really fun and exciting show.

Claire Inie-Richards (Willa Jo): I didn’t want my family to be there on opening night because I knew I would be nervous and didn’t think I could handle the pressure. It was really fun though and I felt great about the show - that took a whole lot of the nerves away!

Maggie Fitzgerald (Little Sister): Opening night was thrilling. I had my mom and grandfather there to support me. Opening night always gives me goose bumps and makes me nervous, but I turn all my nervousness into energy!