Thursday, October 14, 2010

LEGACY OF LIGHT - Hank Murta Adams Interview

Hank Murta Adams, brother of PLTC Artistic Director Abigail Adams, talks about how he became a glass artist, how he got chosen to create a piece for the Legacy of Light set, and more.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day in the Life - Emilie Krause from LEGACY OF LIGHT

Fresh new face to People's Light Emilie Krause, who plays Millie/Pauline in Legacy of Light (starting October 13th!), picked up her camera and took a few "insider" shots for us this past week during tech*.  She wrote her own captions, too!  (Any italics were added by us.)  Check 'em out:

Breakfast before rehearsal at a favorite coffee shop in Philly.

 The walk to the train.

 Testing different "dirt" concoctions for a very special moment in Legacy of Light.  Note the wonderfully visible dirt smear on my chin.  Go Liz! (Liz Stump, left, is PLTC's Props Master.)

 Greg Wood (Peter/Monsieur du Chatelet) and Jefferson (Saint-Lambert/Lewis) having a "man-jam" during some down  time.

Anna is our loyal Assistant Stage Manager, quick-change expert, resident coffee brewing extraordinaire, and all around swell person.

We were lucky enough to snag Jano Cohen for some "Alexander time" during our tech!  Here, Jefferson Haynes is  undoubtedly feeling open and free.

Daisy relaxing with me after a long day at the theatre.  (Daisy is our resident mascot dog, and belongs to Artistic Director - and director of Legacy of Light! - Abigail Adams.)

The dressing room station, my home away from home!

* Tech is the week of rehearsal before a show opens, during which the sound and lighting becomes part of the rehearsals and everything gets put together.