Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Day in the Life - Kevin Bergen, KING LEAR

This time around we asked Kevin Bergen, who is playing Edmund in King Lear, to take some photos to show what he sees in a normal day. Let's take a look!

Cast member Susan McKey (Regan) in the dressing room.

Cast members Andrew Kane (Burgundy), Ahren Potratz (Oswald), David Blatt (Ensemble) and Joe O'Brien (Ensemble).

Kevin's FaceBook page.

Graham Smith (Lear, left), and Stephen Novelli (Gloucester, right) in the dressing room.

The view from onstage--cast members (from right to left) Kim Carson (Cordelia), Graham Smith (King Lear), Mark Lazar (Fool), Lenny Haas (Cornwall), Ahren Potratz (Oswald) and Michael Stewart Allen (Albany).

Rehearsal room.

Kevin Bergen himself, and in the background, Christopher Patrick Mullen (Edmund's brother, Edgar).

Kevin as Sydney Carton in last season's A Tale of Two Cities.

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