Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Day in the Life - Liz Gardner, Audience Services Manager!

Usually for A Day in the Life, we ask an actor to photograph events in his or her day--this time, we asked a staff member to do it!  Liz Gardner is our Audience Services Manager (which in layman's terms means she's the person you ask for comp tickets, or for donation tickets, or the person you call when you want to gush about what an awesome night at the theatre you had!).  Like the actors we've posted in the past, Liz gets up early and works hard all day--check it out!  (Captions by Liz herself.)

Good morning!
The saving grace of my morning.

The worst light ever.

Modern day bag lady??

The many things that need to get done.

My commute (the back way).

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