Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day in the Life - Rachel "Hennie" Brennan, THE THREE MUSKETEERS

It's time for another "Day in the Life," and this time we've asked Rachel Brennan, who plays Henrietta the Chicken in The Three Musketeers.  There are a lot of them, because they're so great we couldn't leave any of them out!  The captions are Rachel's--the italics are added by us.

Not having time to make my bed in the morning is usually a good indicator of impending disaster, so I try very hard to do so.

 French Press Coffee is a morning necessity. Vitamins, Emergen-C and breakfast are too.

There are certain things I do every morning. Letting the dogs out is one of them.
Usually, it's still dark. We are very early-risers.

 Laura GI knis
(Laura plays Kestral, one of Lord Mazarotti's falcons--she likes shiny things.)

Kim (Carson, who plays Collette) and I like to call this shot "Dead Monk and a Ghost".

Chris (Faith, who plays Athos) and Andrew (Kane, who plays d'Artagnan) being silly in the green room.

This is my station in the dressing room. The other girls tease me for having so much stuff,
but that doesn't stop them from using any of it :)

Chelsea (Carle, who plays Aplomado, another falcon) using her dramatic acting skills.

 Not sure if Tom (Teti, who plays Aramis) thought she was serious or if he was just playing along.

 Kim and Kate (McSorley, the wonderful and very patient Panto stage manager) napping between shows. Adorable.

Happy Birthday Chelsea!!!
Celebration continued.
(Notice how Michael Doherty, who plays King Hughy, is the only male present--good for him!)

Laura's character, Kestral, may be invading her reality. I caught her ogling at shiny candy bar wrappers.
(See?  We told you!)

 My very BIG baby. Who takes up a lot of room on the couch.

Couch-time with my beasts is my favorite way to relax.

 Exile in Bridgeport doesn't seem so awful from this angle.

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